We at CHEMSERVICE for Agro

Our choice has always been to build the know-how for the Agriculture, with a range of specialties.
Our focus is on innovation and new technologies to evolve and integrate a range of cutting-edge products.

For the sector we offer high quality bio-polymers, combined with a technical service oriented to market needs, always ready to stand by with a recognized quality.
Bio-polymers are obtained from renewable, sustainable and natural sources of raw materials, are "green" molecules with high performance and are among the best alternatives to petrochemical products, an effective response to the ever increasing demands of sustainable agriculture.

The Agriculture Division has been divided into Protection and Plant Nutrition, to be increasingly focused on providing the right answers and support.

Plants Protection

  • Dispersants
  • Binders
  • Additives for grinding and agglomeration
  • UV protection
  • Water-dispersible granules (WG)
  • Wettable powders (WP)
  • Concentrated suspensions (SC)
  • Suspension capsules (CS)
  • Soluble concentrates (SL)
  • Seeds treatment (FS)

Plants Nutrition (fertilizers)


  • Dispersants and binders
  • Inhibitors to the formation of crystals and sediments
  • Control of rheology
  • Complexing agents (suitable for organic farming EC 2003/2003)
  • Micronutrients (suitable for organic farming EC 2003/2003)
  • Bio-stimulants
  • Modified humic acids
  • Functional additives: absorption, stabilization, antioxidants
  • Improvement of the soil structure
  • Water retention
  • Increase in nutrient availability in the soil (cationic complexation and exchange capacity)
  • Release of the phosphates present in the soil
  • Nourishment of micro-organisms (sugars) and of the rhizosphere
  • pH control (organic acids)
  • Increase in nutrient absorption
  • Source of organic matter
  • Seed treatment