We at CHEMSERVICE for Emulsifiers

Considering that also the emulsions area also needed more attention to products that respect the environment and therefore operators too, we have developed know-how based on high quality organic additives.

Bio-polymers are made from sustainable and renewable sources and are among the best substitutes and alternatives to petroleum products, with a high affinity in aqueous solutions, in a wide range of substrates, oils, greases and waxes.
Our focus is on innovation and new technologies to evolve and integrate the range of products to offer always at the forefront, and with a technical group always ready to support the customers.

  • Dispersants
  • Complexing
  • pH stabilization
  • Electrolytic stabilization
  • Asphalt and bitumen emulsions
  • AKD emulsions in the paper industry
  • Wax emulsions
  • industrial detergent
  • Metalworking fluids